PROJECT: Branding, Logo and Web Design
CLIENT: Onteora Runners Club
DESCRIPTION: The community organization, The Onteora Runners Club required a web redesign and logo.  This group is dynamic and fun, I wanted to reflect that energy with their logo, and at the same time honor the name Onteora (Esopus tribe of Lenape-Native American word which means ‘land in the sky’) with a strong blue mountain range. The words themselves (Onteora Runners Club) are moving, running if you will, off of the site itself. I created additional website features such as race history tables.


small logo for the website and possible tee-shirts

Client Feedback:

Overall the experience from design, implementation, through service was a pleasure and reasonably priced.  I would strongly recommend Tasha’s services to everyone and available for verbal reference.

~Doug Freese
Board Member of The Onteora Runners Club












Onteora Runners Club