PROJECT: Food Drive Campaign
ILLUSTRATOR: Will Lytle of Thorneater Comics
CLIENT: Reservoir Food Pantry
DESCRIPTION: I felt a positive slogan stating “Life is Sweet” would engage people and increase donations. We all look into our pantry, cabinets, or cupboards every day and see our own personal bounty. When we see the abundance in our lives we are more inclined to share with others.

The Artwork will be enlarged onto signs for supermarket donation drives and at local schools for the needy in our communities. All creative talent involved in this project donated 100% of their time and skills. Signs donated by Timely Signs. The next phase will include children at local elementary schools drawing their own pantry version of “Life is Sweet” we envision the top drawings to be featured on the RFP website and perhaps silkscreened onto a tote or shopping bags for sale to help with the pantry efforts.