PROJECT: Branding, Print collateral
CLIENT: Healthcare is a Human Right
logo and print collateral that reflected
their strength and commitment to this
cause. The organization was just starting
to obtain grant assistance and grow in the communities. The colors and fonts
reflect the vibrancy and aliveness of the
group, as well as the difference it is making
in the community. The words themselves, the statement “Health Care is a Human Right” is a powerful declaration, I felt no drawing or logo would communicate this as powerfully as the name of the group itself.
This organization is committed to bringing holistic wellness care to all, regardless of socioeconomic status. I enjoy supporting organizations that are practicing good for others and/or facilitating growth or networking in the community.

Client Feedback:

    I feel that anyone who works with Tasha will get much more than just a wonderful and appropriate design – Tasha will be an intimate member of their organization for the duration of the job, and her ideas may just transform your work!
~Susan Weeks, RPA-C, Executive Director
Healthcare is a Human Right